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Volunteer Resources

Opening and Closing Procedures


  1. Place open sign outside of shop
  2. Count the cash box
  3. Make sure the space is safe to work in
  4. Start the shift log


  1. Bring in the sign
  2. Count the cash box
  3. With the help of shop users, make sure the shop is as clean or cleaner than when you found it
  4. Make sure all the lights are off
  5. Take out garbage/ recycling if necessary


Inventory is managed through Odoo, and updated by the ordering and purchasing committee. To update the Inventory, log onto IceWeasel, go to the odoo page (should be the homepage), go to warehouse, and update products

Special Orders

Volunteers are entitled to place special orders for their own parts after volunteering with LPVR for three (3) months, or 30 hours, whichever comes first. This has yet to be discussed at a meeting, but will likely be managed by the ordering committee.

IT Administration


  • Koumbit hosting must be renewed annually June 1st
  • domain name must be renewed annually May 18th (currently valid until May 18, 2018)

Updates and Security

The IT committee is responsible for ensuring the website is up to date. If a wordpress update is required, the site should be backed up (this can be accomplished by downloading an SQL database dump from AlternC). Unfortunately it is not currently possible to update the Wordpress site in a testing environment.

Backups of Website and Wiki

Backups of the Wordpress and the wiki page should be done regularly (at least once a month), specially prior to running updates. There are many ways to accomplish this, below is a quick example:

  1. Make sure you have installed a FTP client software such as FileZilla
  2. See FTP connection details on AlternC (see left navigation bar). Create new connection if necessary
  3. Connected to our Kumbit Server via the FTP client
  4. Download a local copy of the 'www' folder (wordpress and wiki content)
  5. Upload the downloaded 'www' folder into the 'backups' folder of the server
  6. Rename the uploaded folder accordingly and you are done


Our website is regrettably managed through Wordpress, chosen for it's simple user interface. Users with access permissions can login at The IT Committee is responsible for updating and managing the site, though other users may also have editing permissions. For more information visit


LPVR uses Odoo, an open source ERP tool, for our inventory management system, Point of Sale(POS), and accounting software. It can be accessed through the shop's computer by clicking the “Odoo” icon found on the desktop. Login information is located in the password manager under “Odoo”. When inventory is added to the shop it sound be added to Odoo. In addition, every sale should go through the Odoo POS so that stock levels can be adjusted, and the revenue can be properly recorded.

For more information, visit:


DokuWiki is a wiki engine that does not require an database. It is installed through our shared hosting with Koumbit. Click here to learn DokuWiki's syntax.


AlternC is a control panel for our web hosting and mail, including mailing lists. It can be accessed at The login can be found on the desktop computer's password manager under “AlternC Login”.

Click here for a 2:19 min instructional Youtube video (created June 2016).

Google Drive

Login information for the Google Drive and Gmail account can be found in the password manager on the desktop computer under “Google”. If you are a volunteer and you wish to access LPVR's Google Drive, please send a request to Generally, volunteers gain access to the Google Drive after attending three (3) volunteer meetings*.


The volunteers at LPVR use three methods of communication: Slack (internal), E-mail (external), and the volunteers mailing list (internal).


Slack is an IRC-like messaging system. The slack group for LPVR contains several working-group specific channels, such as Ordering, Workshops, IT, etc. An invitation from a current volunteer is required in order to gain access.


External emails from LPVR are sent through our gmail account. Emails should be professional, and respectful. If you have read an email, and are unable to follow up, or the email requires further action, please mark it as “Unread” and forward it to the appropriate group/person. Emails should be checked at the beginning of every shift.

Mailing List

Please send a request to to have your name added to the volunteers mailing list. Volunteers can unsubscribe at any time using the link found in the footer of every message sent through the list.

Our mailing list uses GNU Mailman. If you are interested in helping manage the mailing list, please contact the IT group on Slack.

Please keep communications respectful. Hateful, abusive, or oppressive behaviour is unacceptable. Refer to policies_and_procedures

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