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Empowering Users to Fix Their Bikes

Sheldon Brown

Sheldon Brown was an amazing bicycle mechanic who's site is a wealth of knowledge. Especially useful for strange, old and rare bikes.


Specialty Frame Tools

Frame and Fork Straightener

Useful for straightening steel components such as forks, frames, cranks, handlebars, seatposts, etc.

Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge

Allows you to check alignment and straighten derailleur hanger. Misaligned derailleur hangers can be the cause of shifting problems.

Instructions for use:

Tap and Die

Specialty Headset Tools

Bearing Cup Press

Crown Race Setting System

Torches and Power Tools

Propane Torch

Bench Grinder

Cordless Drill

Rotary Tool


Cantilever/V-Brake Adjustment

Single/Dual Pivot Caliper Brake Adjustment


Wheel Sizing


Wheel Truing

Hub/Axle Overhaul

Drive Train

Front Derailleurs

Rear Derailleurs





Headset Replacement

Sealed Headsets


Bent frames and forks

You can check to see if a frame is bent using the Park Tool Frame Alignment Gauge (FAG-2). If Your frame or forks are steel, they can be straightened using the Park Tool Frame and Fork Straightener (FFS-2).

Seized Seatposts

Tapping Bottom bracket Threads

Rethreading Forks

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