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Rights and Responsibilities of Members


Rights and Responsibilities of Volunteers

  • Volunteers have the right to be treated with dignity and respect in the shop, in meetings, and through the mailing list.
  • Volunteers have the right to participate in decision making
  • Volunteers have a responsibility to insure that LPVR is a welcoming, collaborative space
  • Volunteers have the right to participate in committees
  • Volunteers have the right to ask shop users to leave if they are being abusive

General Responsibilities

The duties/responsibilities of volunteers, individually and severally, taking a shift on a regular basis include, but are not limited to:

  • Keeping the log, journal, or equivalent for their shift according to the prevailing standards for such record-keeping;
  • Maintaining, updating, and securing the membership database and other computer files specific to operations of the shop
  • Maintaining the shop, as infrastructure, as a clean and safe working environment;
  • Helping with basic upkeep of the shop including cleaning, organizing, taking out trash, etc.
  • Attending monthly meetings
  • Representing RTM in person-to-person communications in a reasonable manner.


  • Only members may purchase bicycles or bike parts,
  • The base price for a used frame is $25
  • The price varies depending on the quality of the frame and its condition
  • The total cost of the bike will include the cost of the frame, and any new or used parts that are on the bike at the time that the bike is sold
  • New parts must be paid for up-front immediately upon being received, regardless of whether the bicycle is ready to leave the shop
  • So as not to compete with local bicycle shops, we charge 100% mark-up on all new parts, with the exception of parts donated by companies for us to sell. In the case of such donations, the parts are sold at slightly above cost
  • This does not include helmets, which are always sold at cost, in order to encourage safety
  • Prices for new parts are written on the parts themselves or can be found in the supplier’s catalogue
  • For used parts, consult shop's price guide



  • Volunteers must do everything they can to encourage safety in the shop
  • Members must wear safety glasses and gloves when appropriate
  • Volunteers must habitually inform members that they should not leave the shop without showing their bicycles to a volunteer for safety-inspection
  • Volunteers must inspect every bike that leaves the shop to ensure it is safe, using the criteria posted in the front of the shop
  • No bike leaves the shop without working brakes and reflectors and/or lights

Administration Procedures

Shop Procedures

Decision Making


  • Volunteer meetings should rotate and aim to accommodate volunteer's schedules
  • Every meeting has a facilitator and a minute-taker. At the end of each meeting, a facilitator and minute-taker are selected for the following meeting
  • In addition to facilitating the meeting, the facilitator must inform the mechanics of the meeting a week in advance, both through the mechanics’ mailing list and through a written poster for the shop, and start an agenda thread on the mechanics' mailing list
  • Facilitators should bring a typed list of agenda topics and a few copies of the last meeting’s minutes to the meeting
  • Minute-takers must type and send out the minutes to the volunteers by email as soon as they can, and before the next meeting
  • At each meeting, the minutes from the previous meeting must be vetted
  • Each meeting attendee is allotted $2 of shop money to spend on food or drinks
  • All members (including volunteers) may attend volunteers’ meetings, but only established volunteers can participate in the consensus-based decision process


Anti-Oppression Policy

Conflict Resolution


Mailing List Etiquette

Financal Procedures

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